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MovingQuotesI have moved several times. Some moves where cross country: Massachusetts to Texas, Texas to Indiana. Some moves where across town; we have moved 4 times since landing in Indiana. No matter whether you are moving across the country or across town, it's always stressful to move. Moving is a big deal, and the family moving is dealing with a lot of emotions and that means stress.

A lot of the stress comes from the fact that the family is wondering if the move will be successful. So I think it's important, before the move begins, that the family sits down and talks about the fact that there might, and probably will be, problems during the move. Some items will get broken no matter how hard you are working to prevent any broken items. A couch might not fit through the doorway. The moving truck might not be available on time, or you might get a flat while driving a load across town.

If the family is prepared for the inevitable problems that come from a move, the stress level will go way down. And you have to talk about how best to move things into the house; some people want to rush everything into the house and get it placed where it belongs later. While other people want to put things in the yard, and then put each item into the house, one at a time, and in it's rightful place when it's brought in. You have to get on the same page about how you will move things into the house, or the stress level can rise dramatically. Consulting a Moving Guide can help a family find the best way for them to complete their move.

One way to relieve a lot of stress is to hire a professional moving company. You can get moving quotes from a wide variety of companies online. You can hire a moving company who will come in and pack all your stuff, dealing with all the big and little items. They remove everything from the house, put it all in their truck, and move everything to the new location; since they use their truck, they are liable for anything they break. This type of choice is expensive since you are having the moving company do all the work. The only stress typically in this type of move is the stress of wondering if the movers are being careful and thoughtful with your belongings.

You can also hire a professional moving company that will simply come in and move the "big" items from the house, while the family packs up the "little" items. All the heavy lifting is done by the movers - the movers take care of things like the beds and couches and desks and refrigerators. The "little" items, like dishes, glasses, silverware, etc. are boxed and moved by the family. This is less expensive, but the family has to do a lot of the work, and so the stress level is higher with this choice. The family has to worry if the kids are being careful packing things (in this situation, it's inevitable that some items will get broken by the family members doing the packing), or if the family is getting everything packed, or if some of the things they are packing should be thrown out.

If you are moving across town, the most popular way to move is to get a large U-Haul truck, 4 or 5 trusted friends, and simply take a Saturday or Sunday and move everything. This is the least expensive, but probably the most stressful as you wonder if you will get done by the end of the day (typically you only rent the truck for a day), can I drive this huge truck and not have an accident, how should we pack things so they aren't in the back rolling around or banging around, etc. This can also be a lot of fun if you have some good friends helping you.


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