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Commercial Movers - Things to Consider when moving your office

commercial-MoversConsumers, who choose to move their office, must always compile an extensive, computerized inventory list, in order to ensure a successful transition. This primarily involves, visually inspecting all equipment, furniture and miscellaneous items that are to be moved and contacting commercial movers. The list should include all computers, desks, chairs, printers, and office decor. Fax machines, paintings, cubicles, general supplies and other miscellaneous material, should also be itemized and tagged. All objects should also be categorized, in terms of their function, while equipment, that appears to be broken or beyond repair, should be placed in disposal bins or metal waste commercial dumpsters.

When it comes time to move, there's almost always, an unusually higher amount of waste, than originally anticipated. If your company has an existing leasing agreement, with a waste disposal corporation, for weekly pick up of office waste, it is recommended to request an additional container. These companies will normally offer a discount, to existing customers. Any metal based equipment that can be salvaged, but is not being used, should either be sold for scrap at a recycling center or a local scrap yard. Generally, these types of businesses will pay by the pound or ton and if the amount of waste material is large enough, they may offer, to pick it up at your office location.

Some companies may even drop off a commercial grade waste container and pick it up on a designated day. Customers should also pack up material or paperwork they deem important or highly sensitive and either transport it themselves, to their new commercial space or leave specific instructions, to the moving company. Creating a moving schedule and constantly informing employees, if it gets revised, is necessary. It is suggested, that personnel who serve a critical function in the company, such as highly valued network technicians, sales representatives and administrative staff, should be the last to be moved. This will ensure that your business can continue to operate, even during the transition phase.

Contacting utility companies, service providers and insurance companies to inform them of your change of address, prior to moving, is strongly recommended. Consumers should always checkout office movers, before contacting them. It's important to find out their general business practices, ethical standards and customer satisfaction rating. This can be achieved by running their business license number, through the relevant state agencies on labor practices, to establish validity and contacting the state attorney general's office, to find out about ongoing customer disputes. Checking out the Better Business Bureau website, for any grievances or complaints, may also be something to consider.

Companies that specialize in commercial moving are almost always bonded and registered with the state, in exchange for the right to operate their business. They normally offer reasonable rates, operate on flexible schedules and are willing to drop off moving supplies to customers, upon request. A customer also has the option of allowing the moving company to properly secure all items, before transport. Movers in general, are highly experienced in wrapping heavy-duty equipment or fragile objects and can always handle all necessary preparations, prior to moving your office.

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